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          About us

        Puyang Akada Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ankeda Company) was founded in Dec. 2011, it is situated in Zhenxing Road, Puwang Industrial Park and it occupies an area of 19,000sqm. The company mainly engages in the production of resin, rubber foaming materials, all the modified panels are applied in water insulating projects.
        Phenolic foam is known as 'The King of Insulation', it is used in insulation of missile and rocket in early days. In recent years,we more emphasize on the heat stability and flame resistance on synthetic foam plastics in high-rise building, transportation, ship, space technology and other areas, thus the phenolic foam has rapidly developed.
        At present, as new type and multifunctional foam material, phenolic foam has been highly emphasized for the features of heat resistance, flame retardant, flame penetration resistance, etc. It has important practical value in high-rise building, high temperature heat insulation, ultra-low temperature cold insulation and other areas. As ideal insulating material, it will be widely used.
        At preset, the company owns 90 employees, 20 of which are management personnel, 50 are production personnel, 15 possess college degree or above, thus it has strong technical force. The register capital of the company is 8 million Yuan RMB and the company has established complete management system. The products have high technical content, stable quality, our company is export oriented high-tech enterprise and we are highly supported and praised by the city, county and village.
        Our objective: Puyang Akada Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd. will become a modern manufacturing enterprise engaging in research, production and marketing in 5 years. Enterprise development depends on talent, the company will be dedicated to providing person with lofty ideals with special working and living environment.
        Puyang Akada Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes you to participate for mutual development and creating bright future!  

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